Timber treatment

Timber is a versatile and beautiful material for construction and joinery projects with significant environmental advantages. Wood however can also be a source of food for fungi and insects leading to decay and insect attack if not properly protected. That’s why we developed our Presta range of products.

Our Presta timber treatment products are fully tested and proven for their effectiveness against wood destroying organisms such as fungi and insects ensuring superior performance backed by official registrations throughout Europe. To find out more about the registration status of our Presta products and connected trade names in almost 20 European countries, just visit the Echa website (https://echa.europa.eu).

In Europe, wood protection products are strictly regulated at the BPR (Biocide Product Regulation) under PT 8 and our Presta products are in accordance with this regulation.

Our Presta products are used for the preventive as well as remedial/curative wood protection applications.

Go Green
Woodchem is developing continuously new products and these products will finally arrive on the market. One of our objectives is to introduce green products in order to minimize environmental impact. The first market introduction of such a green product is expected to take place in 2022.